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The economic reactivation brought with it increasingly positive indicators for the country, including different unions forecasting a growth of more than 7% in GDP. However, now medium and large companies need more agile, secure and optimal financing solutions that allow them to obtain greater liquidity in order to increase their sales, carry out innovative projects or expand their business in the coming years.

Faced with these challenges, Revaliu, a company that specializes in the analysis and planning of optimal capital structures and project financing, decided to improve its platform so that allied companies can acquire a financial tool that streamlines the negotiation processes with their clients by through an advance credit study.

Angélica Arcila, CEO of the company, explains that they can currently carry out massive customer studies, allowing them to focus the efforts of the commercial areas and giving assertiveness to complete the sale in less time. In this way, “we look for companies to anticipate those who have a good credit rating and can bear the payment of the debt when acquiring any of their products or services.”

“Our focus is to be able to analyze the entire funnel and the backlog of our clients’ contacts to anticipate financing, this generates a great benefit, since it allows companies to dedicate 100% to the core of their business,” said Arcila. .

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