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Productive Assets Private Equity Fund

Valiu is the private equity fund, conceived as a financing alternative for productive assets placed at the service of companies, Administered by Corficolombiana and Managed by Revaliu as an excellent financial alternative for businessmen and professional investors.

It is made up of a multi-sector portfolio of assets and rights of economic content based on medium and long-term contracts in sectors. health, logistics, energy and technology.


More than 20 years of experience in managing FIC and Private Equity Funds with fiduciary structures for corporate clients, as well as advice on the implementation of recognized M&As. Generating excellent returns for our investors.

PILLARS at Valiu: we know the responsibility we have towards our investors, therefore, in addition to offering profitability, we prioritize trust with our clients, prioritizing the security of the Investment

The Pillars are: Business Ethics (Corporate Governance), Experience, Safety and Profitability.

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